Thumb Tape is essential for anyone in a barbell sport. Weightlifting House thumb tape is sticky, flexible and tears easily. Each box comes with three 22′ rolls of tape.

Thumb Tape Subscription

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Why It's In Our Store

Weightlifting House Thumb Tape is designed to protect your fingers and thumbs while training. No one likes sore thumbs or ripped calluses.

After falling in love with the tape myself, I contacted Seb from Weightlifting House and asked if I could bring this amazing tape to Australia!

What I love about the WL House Tape :

  • Extra Sticky (no gross residue)

  • Tears Easily (no need for scissors)

  • Flexible (won't get in your way)

I think W|L House Thumb Tape is the best on the market. I'm so proud to offer it on the RAW Store.

xx Andy

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 7 cm

Black Weightlifting House Thumb Tape, Blue Weightlifting House Thumb Tape, Pink Weightlifting House Thumb Tape


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